Home Theater System Review: LG LHB536 1100W

If you're looking for a budget home theater option that comes with 3D Blu-Ray, surround sound and internet functions included as standard then the LG LHB536 is one of the most cost effective options currently available on the market. But does the low price mean that LG have scrimped on features? Keep reading to find out more. LG LHB536 Key Specifications RRP: $500 Speaker Setup: 5.1 Wireless Rear Speakers? No Total Power (Watts): 1100 HDMI Inputs: 2 Internet Services? Yes 3D Blu-Ray Player? Yes Upscaling? Yes 2D To 3D Conversion? Yes Average Amazon.com Rating: 3.9 Benefits Of The LG LHB536 Price: Take a look at the main rivals in this price bracket and you'll find that the LG LHB536 is one of the best all-in-one home theater solutions you can buy. For a few hundred dollars, you'll get 5.1 channel surround sound, an excellent quality Blu-Ray player and some very useful internet functions. Sound Quality: This 5.1 channel surround sound system boasts impressive sound quality, both in the treble and bass. Although the speakers may not be wireless as you can find with home theater systems in a similar price bracket, and will never produce the kind of sound you can expect from a system that costs $1000+, the speakers are well made and create a great listening experience for the price range. This model can outperform many similarly-priced soundbar systems that don't feature all the extras. IPod Dock: If you want to listen to music on this system, as well as movies, then the iPod dock comes in handy for owners of the iPod/ iPhone 4. The dock means you can charge your music and feed it through the surround sound system without any extra effort. The inbuilt control functions, however, can be a little clunky and slow to navigate through your music collection, and it's worth changing the sound mode as some are better suited to movies and TV shows than music. Blu-Ray Picture Quality: The included Blu-Ray player provides a crisp HD picture and comes with the ability to upscale standard definition to HD. Both HD images and upscaled content look fantastic, and the player is one of the best in its class. The discs load quickly and playback is generally very smooth with this system. 3D Capability: Since this is a 3D Blu-Ray player, it can support both 2D and 3D discs (as long as you have a compatible TV for the latter). The HDMI inputs and outputs are capable of passing through and switching 3D video. LG Smart TV/ Wi-Fi Connection: Built in Wi-Fi connectivity means you can connect the LG LHB536 up to your home broadband network without the need for wires. When you do, this will give you access to LG Smart TV, featuring a range of different apps, streaming services and more. Some of the included services include Netflix, Vudu, Amazon Instant Video and internet radio stations. The inclusion of these services provides excellent value for money, given that separate media streaming devices can sell for around $100 or more on their own. Extra Streaming/ Video Options: If you want the ability to play other media files, aside from the online streaming services, then the LG LHB536 also acts as a media server. You can play a variety of video formats (such as AVI or MKV) either from a plugged in USB device, or from a device connected via DLNA on your home network. This makes it easy to stream files without the bother of connecting your computer directly to your TV screen. You can even rip audio CDs to USB devices if you want to. HDMI Inputs: Thanks to the two included HDMI inputs, and the LG LHB536's ability to act as an HDMI switcher, you can connect a range of HDMI devices up to your home theater system using just the HDMI out from the LG receiver to your HDTV. Drawbacks Of The LG LHB536 Remote Control: The remote control for the LG LHB536 can be a little difficult to use, especially when using it to switch between various HDMI inputs. It isn't always clear how to do this, and you'll need to have a read through the instructions rather than relying on the unclear button markings. The remote also makes it difficult to type things into the included internet services, using an onscreen keyboard that you select letters from using the arrow keys. Should You Buy The LG LHB536? If you don't already own a Blu-Ray player, or are looking to upgrade an older system to something that both looks and sounds better, the LG LHB536 is a solid choice. For a decent set of speakers, 3D compatibility and a range of internet features, you get a lot in this package. At this price range, you can't expect much better quality, and it'll be a huge improvement on most living room setups.


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